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Herring - the Best Fish for Winter

Fresh herring

During the cold months, herring is the most suitable fish for consumption, a study shows. With the coming of freezing winter, many folks reach for more fatty food, especially fatty meat, such as pork.

According to scientists, it is best to leave pork on the sidelines and buy other food with which to substitute it - herring is perfectly suitable. It contains beneficial fatty acids - they improve the vital functions of the body, experts note.

Swedish scientists, working at the University of Technology in Gothenburg, have discovered that herring has an extraordinary amount of beneficial properties. The study was led by Helen Lindqvist. According to researchers, this type of fish not only protects against atherosclerosis but also safeguards the cardiovascular system.

The study was done with the aid of volunteers, who were fed herring fillet - about 5.5 oz (150 g), 5 times a week. During the study, the health of the volunteers was closely monitored and it was found that herring truly has healthful effects on the body.


If this type of fish is regularly consumed, the levels of so-called bad cholesterol will decrease and the walls of the blood vessels will be reinforced. This means that the risk of heart problems will be minimized, experts say.

Herring is also rich in iodine and calcium, zinc, magnesium. Oils from herring decrease the size of fat cells, which in turn reduces the risk of diseases such as type II diabetes.

Experts confirm that herring can easily be substituted with another type of fish, such as salmon. One of the most essential differences between the two types of fish is the price - herring is much more affordable than salmon.

Herring contains nicotinic acid, as well as vitamin D, which are extremely important for strengthening the bones, as well as to the nervous system.

Scientists are convinced that fish's regular presence at the kitchen table is mandatory. According to studies, children who regularly consume fish decrease their chances of developing asthma many times over.



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