Honey - An Immune System Booster During Cold Weather


Cold winter days can weaken our immune system and make us susceptible to unpleasant viruses and colds. Therefore, it is a good idea to boost it using various natural methods.

Honey and bee products in general hold the number one spot for strengthening the immune system. Besides that, they support the heart, liver, shield us from the flu and colds, and regulate hormones.

There are over 70 substances and vitamins found in honey. This would explain why some call it the "universal drug". There are 7 bee products we use today: bee honey, propolis (honey clay), bee pollen or perga (bee bread), royal jelly, bee venom, apilarnil and beeswax.

Honey Products

Propolis is also vitally important when it comes to protecting the body from viruses, bacterial and all other kinds of infections. It is a waxy substance with a yellow-green, brown or dark red color. High-quality Honey crystallizes easily, forming tiny crystals.

It achieves an exceptionally hard consistency. The various admixtures that are added to it are what make it the universal drug. When choosing between different types, keep in mind what would be most beneficial for your ailment.

The cure-all remedy for those who fall sick often is indeed honey. It fortifies the body's own defenses and aids in a faster recovery. It is often recommended for boosting the immunity of regularly ill, weak and tired patients. Honey has beneficial effects against anemia, heart problems, stomach-intestinal, kidney, skin, liver, endocrine and nervous system disorders.

Honey and Walnuts

Doctors recommend taking honey over a period of 1 month, 1/3 cup (80 g) to 1/2 cup (120 g) daily, divided into 3 or more portions. This same dose also works for respiratory diseases. Furthermore, using honey, you can make compresses and applications to all sorts of wounds, eczema, burns and dermatitis. It heals chronic and acute rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, sinusitis and other inflammations.

Another easy, sure and comprehensible way for stimulating the immune system is the use of propolis tinctures. The dosage is 1 drop for every year of life (in children) and 15 to 25 drops for adults, 3 times a day.

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