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Exercising Every Day Prevents Overeating


The approaching Christmas and New Year's celebrations are associated with rich and abundant food tables in every home.

For years, dietary specialists have been warning us to be careful with overeating, but a few days ago British experts discovered how to counteract the negative consequences of overconsumption by using exercise.

According to the heads of the studies done by the University of Bath, everyday exercises have a positive effect on the body, even if it is gaining weight.

In the research done by the British, 26 men took part, who were divided into 2 groups, that had to overeat.


The first group exercised for 45 min. every day on a treadmill, while the other group did not exercise at all.

After only 1 week, the end results showed that the group that exercised, while eating lavishly, had a decreased control over blood sugar levels and expression of fat cells in genes, which lead to unwanted metabolic changes and an impaired nutritional balance.

In the group of men that did not exercise daily, this positive effect was not witnessed.

According to Jean Philippe Valen, who is a member of the research team, the short period of overconsumption can lead to serious negative changes in a wide range of physiological systems in the body.

But daily exercise can help in counteracting the adverse effects.

Christmas table

The researchers advise us to pay attention to the size of the plates in which the food will be served in order not to overeat during the holidays.

The sizes of the plates and servings are one of the main reasons for overeating.

Dietary specialists believe that it is better to eat in small or medium plates, so that we place a normal quantity of food.

If you eat quickly, there is also a chance for you to go overboard with the amount of food. Food must be chewed slowly and prolongably.

If we do not drink enough liquids during the day, we tend to eat too much, so be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.



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