What Foods to Serve with Shiraz


The delicate Persian wine variety Shiraz is seen as royalty among wines. As with all other wines, it is of great import to serve it with the appropriate food.

The earliest wine with exact origins is from 1333 B.C. It was found in Tutankhamun's tomb. There, on the jars of wine, are written the year of the harvest, farmstead and name of the producer.

Syrah or Shiraz refers to the grape variety, whose name is pronounced differently in different countries. In France for example, it is Syrah, and in Australia - Shiraz. One of the legends about this variety goes that it was brought to France from the Persian city of Shiraz during the Middle Ages. That's where it gets its name from.

Red wine shiraz

Nowadays, this grape variety is used to make the famous Hermitage and Chatrauneuf-du-Pape wines in the Rhône wine region in France.

Shiraz, one of the most aristocratic types of wine, appears just like a real aristocrat and is absolutely unpredictable. It is no accident that it is described thus: “Shiraz is like a spruce young man in a tuxedo, cowboy boots and a sombrero.”

Even an inexperienced palate can sense the combination of conflicting nuances of chocolate and freshly ground black pepper, the aroma of leather and colorful scents, smoke and a hint of fresh red meat, saturated with a fruity flavor. Indeed, it is these characteristics that make it incredibly attractive and having a huge array of combinations with food.


This delightful wine matures into an unusually flavorful and complex form, with a smooth and soft texture. It is an irreplaceable addition to any wild game dish. As a rule, soft and juicy wines go well with roasted meat, wild game and mature yellow cheeses.

Sauces from a light "gravy"-like type to dark and thick ones also give a desired taste. It is best for garnishes to contain more vegetables and less legumes.

Mature wines of this sort are distinguished by having more oak aromas, such as resin, vanilla and dried spices. Fresh tinges to their taste are also more characteristic of these types.

The foods that they best combine with must be soft, such as bakery goods, pasta, white cheeses, dark meat fillets with a delicate consistency, sauces with cream and potato garnishes.

It is thought that Shiraz is the most manly wine in the world. This is because this is the only variety that produces wines that can be drunk with a cigar.


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