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Fresh and Healthy Recipes with Purslane

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Cooking purslane

Purslane is an exceptionally healthy and valuable plant. It turns out that there are higher quantities of vitamin C in it than in the majority of citrus fruits.

The plant has juicy leaves and it is recommended to be consumed fresh.

Purslane, also known as moss rose or pigweed, can aid in many health problems. It is claimed that it helps improve eyesight and can regulate blood sugar levels. If you don't know how to cook it, let us offer you a few recipes in which you can use it.


The first recipe is for a salad, quite commonly used, but instead of purslane, most people use a green salad or lettuce.

In order to make it, you need 3 stalks of green garlic and onions, 7 oz of cucumbers, 10.5 oz of purslane, 2 eggs, 4-5 tablespoons of strained yoghurt, sprouts, salt and dill to taste. Begin the preparation of the salad with the purslane, removing the stems and soaking it in salted water.

Then cut it up and add the rest of the ingredients (excluding the eggs), that you have cut into round slices. Add in the yoghurt and season with the spices. After serving it in a plate, add in the hard-boiled eggs that have been cut into quarters.

Salad with purslane

Our next proposal is for another salad - chop up the purslane, put in green garlic, some salt and ground walnuts, apple cider vinegar and olive oil and the salad is ready for consumption.

Our last recipe is for rice with vegetables and purslane - a dish that is suitable as a side for something with meat and as a main entree.

Rice with purslane

Ingredients: 1 cup of rice, 9.5 oz purslane, 1 onion head, 1 carrot, 1/2 cup of peas, 1/2 cup of corn, black pepper, salt, oil.

Preparation: Stew the onion and carrot in oil, then add the peas and corn. Stir and leave for a few minutes, then add in the rice and pour in water.

Let the rice soften, then add in the purslane, salt and black pepper. You can also put in a broth of some sort during cooking if you like.



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