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Eat More Pears to Remain Youthful

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Until recently it was believed that the micronutrient boron was inconsequential for humans. New studies reveal however, that it has a primary role in the transportation processes in cells, acting as a guard to their membranes.

In nature, it is mostly found as a compound with other substances, chiefly with vitamins from group B or with vitamin C.

Boron blocks or lets through various ions, that are attempting to enter the cell. This micronutrient is needed for the correct functioning of the immune system and the brain.

Clinical studies show that even a minimal deficiency of boron leads to a lack of concentration and problems in the vestibular system.

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The synthesis of sex hormones - estrogen and testosterone is done with the aid of boron. When it is found in normal quantities in the human body, it has the ability to slow down hormonal depletion in critical ages in women, as well as in men.

It has also been discovered that it stops rapid wear and tear of cartilage. It shields them from the eroding effect of a substance whose quantity increases with age.

Calcium is the most important for bones. In order to be stored though, it needs the micronutrient boron.

Scientists still have not discovered how much of it the human body needs daily. It is assumed that a daily dose of 1-3 mg is enough. When taking in a similar dose, the body is protected from arthritis and other joint diseases.

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However, excessive intake of boron leads to dangers of headache, diarrhea and kidney problems of varying degrees of severity.

For this reason, all nutritional supplements with boron, medicine for internal intake, as well as eyedrops and dermatological ointments that contain it, must be taken under strict medical supervision.

The easiest and most pleasant way to take in boron is through foods that contain it. The highest amounts are found in pears. Next up we have soya, almonds, shrimp, raisins, dates and plums.

Also it must be known that alcohol abuse of vodka, liquor and other such drinks leads to the loss of boron from the body. And this in turn, leads to all kinds of unfavorable consequences.