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3 Ways to Cook Beans


To boil the beans more easily we recommend that you soak them overnight - in some recipes they are soaked only in water, in others in water and a teaspoon of salt.

Once you start actually cooking, you can throw away the first water once it comes to a boil. Some homemakers even put 1 tsp of baking soda. Once the beans come to a boil, they wait 10 min, throw out the water and pour in a new one. Of course, you must also rinse the beans.

We've prepared 3 bean dish recipes. For the first one you will need around 17.5 oz beans, 2 onion heads, carrots, 1 pepper, 1 tomato or tomato juice, paprika, oil, savory, salt, spearmint.

If you have already soaked the beans overnight, it is time to place them in a pot with plenty of water and to turn on the stove. In the meantime, chop the onions, carrot, tomato finely and throw them in with the beans.

Beans stew

Once the beans come to a boil, add the spices - salt and savory and turn down the heat. When the beans soften, remove from the stove and put in the dry spearmint. For a roux, we recommend heating oil and putting in 1 tsp of paprika. Stir well and gradually add in the beans. Let it come to a boil and turn off the heat.

The next recipe is a bit different since we will be adding a little sorrel. And here are the required ingredients:

Bean stew

Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups of beans, 6 cloves of garlic, 9 oz of sorrel, 1 tbsp fresh spearmint, 2 onion heads, 1 tsp paprika, oil, salt, 1 tbsp flour.

Bean recipes

Preparation: For this recipe, put the beans to soak with a teaspoon of salt overnight. The next day, put it to boil and soften on the stove.

Meanwhile, fry the onions and garlic in a separate pan; once they change color, add the flour (that you have fried in a dry pan and diluted with a little cold water (about 1 cup) beforehand). Remove from the stove and add paprika, stir, then pour in a ladle of broth from the somewhat cooked beans.

In another appropriate pan, place the sorrel that has been cut into strips to fry. After which, place the onions and sorrel in with the boiled beans, salt and add fresh spearmint. Let the stew simmer for another 20 min.

Our last proposal is for beans with rice. After it has already soaked for a few hours, put it to boil on the stove and cook for around 15 min. Then remove the water and put in new water - wait for it to boil, to soften. Add 1 finely chopped onion head to 1 2/3 cups of beans, 4 chopped roasted peppers, 2 - 3 tbsp of oil.

A little bit before the beans soften completely, you must add 1 cup of rice, another onion head (that you have stewed along with 3 tomatoes and some oil). Put in some black pepper, spearmint and parsley and boil until fully cooked.



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