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What Foods and Dishes to Serve with Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

The main principle when matching food and wine is to emphasize the taste of the products, as well as the taste and flavor of the wine. The wine must not dominate over the foods in fragrance and taste, as well as vice versa - the food must not suppress the taste and flavor of the wine.

Pinot Noir wine has a characteristic saturated taste and flavor, it has a very light hint of fruits and is famous for being one of the classical aristocratic wines.

Pinot Noir goes perfectly well with meat dishes, especially beef and lamb. This flavorful wine is also appropriate for being served with game bird meat. Pinot Noir is excellent with duck meat - it is thought that this is one of the most suitable wines to serve with duck.

Pinot Noir is equally well matched for roasted meat, stews and for dishes with meat and vegetables. Additionally, pairing this magnificent wine with dishes from Eastern cuisine is also great, just be sure not to use excessively strong spices.


Hard types of cheeses and especially high-quality Parmesan suit Pinot Noir. Salmon and tuna are also a wonderful fit. When combined thus, the fish becomes more delicious, while the wine gets an even more saturated taste and flavor.

Pinot Noir combines splendidly with appetizers and dishes containing seafood and spicy seasonings. Smoked fish appetizers go well with the savory wine.

lamb dish

The wine is a superb companion to various types of fresh vegetable salads with sauces made from mayonnaise. Pinot Noir can be served with various types of smoked meat - pork, beef or bird.

Boiled beef tongues are an exquisite appetizer to go with Pinot Noir. Rabbit meat dishes also work well. And of course, the various types of game dishes are appropriate too.

Wild boar meat is another suitable choice. It is good for game meat dishes to have a cream or other type of fatty sauce, to make the flavor and taste of the Pinot Noir even more concentrated. Serve this wonderful wine cooled at a temperature of 55°F (13 °C).



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