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Unconventional Meatball Recipes


Our first recipe includes not only the ingredients for the meatballs - along with them we are offering you a garnish of spinach with butter. And here it is:

Beef mince meatballs and potatoes

Ingredients: 2 lb beef mince, 3 onion heads, 3 eggs, 3 potatoes, 17.5 oz spinach, butter, cream, black pepper, parsley, salt.

Meatballs with sauce

Preparation: Combine the finely chopped onions, eggs, beef mince and the grated potatoes. Sprinkle with ground black pepper to taste and fry in heated oil. Stew the spinach in salted water, then mash it into a puree.

Add butter, salt, black pepper to it and let it thicken on low heat, while constantly stirring. Finally, add 1 tablespoon of cream to the spinach. Serve the meatballs topped with the spinach.

The next recipe is meant for preparation in clay pots. You will need 1 lb of mince (mixture), 10.5 oz of feta cheese, 1 onion head, ground black pepper, 1 tsp dried spearmint or 1 tsp fresh, 2 tbsp butter, tomato juice and 6 eggs.

Baked meatballs

Crumble the feta cheese and mix with the mince, while also adding the sliced onion, spearmint, black pepper. Form 6 large meatballs from the blend.

Place each meatball in its own clay pot, a piece of butter on top of each meatball, then pour in half a cup of tomato juice.

Place the clay pots in the oven, turn up to about 356°F (180 °C) and leave them for 20 min. Then break an egg over each clay pot and cook until the egg solidifies.

The last proposal is for meatballs in the oven. Mix 1 lb of mince mixture, 2 finely chopped onion heads, ground black pepper, finely chopped parsley. Throw in 2 cut up chili peppers and a few cloves of crushed garlic.

Let the mixture sit in the refrigerator for 2 hours, then shape round meatballs of about 1/2" thickness. Grease a tray, arrange slices of potatoes, put the meatballs on top and slices of tomatoes on top of those. Bake in moderate oven.



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