Culinary Techniques for More Delicious Chicken

Culinary Techniques for More Delicious Chicken


At first glance there is nothing to preparing chicken and it's not at all difficult for anyone to do it. But still, certain culinary tricks must be used in order for the chicken to turn out truly delicious.

It is very important to choose a good chicken. If you have the option, buy a cooled, not frozen chicken, since it has a more rich flavor.

For broiling in the oven, chickens weighing more than 3.5 lb (1.5 kg) are most appropriate. When buying a chicken, look at the color of its skin - it must be pale yellow with a pink tinge.

Chicken is best cooked in a ceramic cooking pot, since it heats up gradually, preventing the chicken from burning, as well as protecting from uneven roasting.

Marinated chicken

Before broiling, heat the oven to 392°F (200 °C). At such a temperature, let the chicken broil for about 40 min. per 2 lbs. For 3.5 lbs you will need about an hour, in order to get a great tasting roast chicken.

It is easy to find out whether the chicken is ready - pierce the chicken breasts with a toothpick. If the juice that comes out is transparent, the chicken is ready. It is not good to leave the chicken in the oven for too long because it will turn out dry.

It is not difficult to obtain a crispy crust on the chicken. If your oven has a grill setting, use it for 10 min. before you stop roasting altogether.

Chicken and potatoes

If your oven does not have such a setting, you can smear the chicken with honey or cream 10 min. before it's fully ready. It is not recommended to smear it with mayonnaise to obtain such a crust.

The easiest way to get a scrumptious roasted chicken is to cook it atop a dense layer of sea salt. Place an oven dish containing 2 lbs of sea salt in a preheated oven.

Put the chicken, cut in 2 lengthwise, with the back facing down, atop the sea salt. Roast until ready. The chicken will not take in more salt than is necessary but will be absolutely delightful and with a nice golden crust.

This is a recipe suitable for when unexpected guests show up, since it's easy to make and doesn't take long to prepare.


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