Gourmet Cuisine


The word "gourmet" comes from French. It means a connoisseur and one who values fine food and drinks. It has become an adjective that describes exquisite dishes, containing special ingredients, special care and creativity in their preparation and serving. Furthermore, the word is used to describe cooking tools used in the process of preparation, or to describe restaurants where such refined dishes are served.

There is also the term "gourmet tourism". It is used to describe a niche in the tourism industry, where along with traveling to various destinations, food and drinks characteristic to a given region are offered for tasting.

Gourmet cuisine offers pleasure, quality and healthy food. Whenever you hear talk of gourmet cuisine, they are referring to the culinary art of remarkable food and drinks, as well as high-end cuisine.

Gourmet cuisine

The distinctive characteristics of such cuisine is the preparation and serving of the dishes. Usually, the portions are small but very rich and intense in flavor. Eating gourmet food is a slow process, so that all the benefits of taste can be experienced.

In contrast to the 3-course menu in conventional cuisine, there are 7-8 dishes in the classical gourmet menu. Fans of this type of dining are people who love to eat healthy and prefer the absence of greasy and fried foods on their plate.

Steak with tomatoes

They are generally consumers of beef, rabbit, pork, lamb, duck and chicken meat, fish and seafood, fruits and vegetables, nuts, as well as other healthy food. They are prepared in a way to ensure that the body takes in the ingredients in the healthiest way possible.

Gourmet dishes are usually prepared by steaming or broiling. They are served with a side of vegetables. The arrangement is always as extravagant as possible, garnished with a little balsamic vinegar, flavorful butter and other spices.

Gourmet cuisine is exceptionally popular throughout the world. The number of aficionados increase with each passing day. It can be tried in numerous restaurants that offer it in their menus, as well as those that specialize only in gourmet cuisine. And why not even prepare it at home?


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