How to Freeze Corn


Frozen corn is remarkably convenient for preparing various dishes, as well as consumption after being stewed with butter and spices.

You can freeze corn yourself. It will retain its taste when frozen. Sweet corn is incredibly suitable for freezing.

You can freeze corn in whole cobs or halves, as well as entirely removed from the cob. Buy the necessary amount of corn cobs.

Frozen corn

Clean each cob, removing the leaves, and then the so-called corn silk - the long threads that grow out of the cob.

In order to freeze corn cobs, you must blanch them ahead of time. That way they will retain their taste and health properties.

Blanching makes corn more delicious and easier to remove from the cob.

Place the corn cobs in salted boiling water and boil for around 4 min. In order for the process of boiling to stop after you remove the corn from the heat, pour out the hot water and pour in cold water up to the rim of the pot. You can also add ice.

Roasted corn

At that point you must decide whether to freeze the corn de-kernelled or on the cobs. If you want to de-kernel them, now is the best time - it's very easy to do after blanching.

Fill small bags with the de-kernelled corn, enough for cooking one dish. After each bag is full, put it on the table and press down to get rid of any excess air. Close each bag and put it in the freezer.

If you want to freeze entire cobs or cut in halves, arrange them in bags after blanching, squeeze out the excess air and arrange in the freezer.

You can also freeze corn without blanching it, but this will affect its outer appearance and taste qualities.


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