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Popcorn is Healthy After All


You've probably heard of how unhealthy popcorn is. According to one of the latest studies by dietitians however, popcorn and beans are a source of exceptionally beneficial nutrients.

Popcorn is a whole-grain food, which can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. It contains 3 times the amount of fiber of delicious sunflower seeds. Popcorn balances blood sugar levels and aids in decreasing bad cholesterol.

Popcorn also contains large quantities of polyphenol antioxidants, which shield cells from the harmful effects of free radicals. It is the latter that can lead to cardiovascular problems and cancer.

Polyphenol has a 10 times better antioxidant effect than vitamins C and E.


"We were surprised by the high amounts of polyphenol in popcorn. I believe it truly is a healthy food, " commented British doctor Joe Vinson some time ago.

Popcorn is a high-calorie product. That's why dietitians recommend for us not to avoid them, but at the same time not to overindulge in their consumption, since we would have weight problems then.

Salty popcorn can cause high blood pressure. Therefore, it is best to eat them unsalted and homemade.

Dietitians explain that roasted beans are also a genuine source of nutrition, rich in protein, fiber, iron and calcium.

They recommend them just as much as fruits and vegetables, since they protect against heart problems and prostate cancer.



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