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Spices for Splendid Fish

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Cloves are an ideal spice for khash, both for its warm and jellied versions. They give it an exquisite taste, which hides the heavy garlic flavor. Other suitable spices for khash are black and white pepper and paprika.

Parsley is suitable for a wide array of fish dishes. The leaves of parsley, as well as its root, get the job done. Nutmeg, black pepper, marjoram, curry and dill give fish a light flavor.

Savory, tarragon, onions, garlic and paprika (sweet or spicy), as well as rosemary, cumin and white mustard also go well with fish. Parsnips, mint and bay leaf "get along" with seafood specialties too.

Basil is an extraordinary spice for fried fish. It lightens the heaviness of oily, fried fish. Black pepper and the various kinds of herbs, such as parsley and dill, are also perfect for fried fish.

Savory, curry, powdered almonds (bitter or sweet), nutmeg, paprika, cardamom and coriander are appropriate for fried fish, especially drier fish such as scad.

Fish fillet

Whenever you boil or steam fish, use more onions or green onions for seasoning. Round slices of onion present an additional flavor and taste nuance to fish stew.

Otherwise, it suits spearmint, as well as the similar in flavor mint. Dried and powdered parsley is a wonderful match for fish stew and steamed fish. Bay leaf is excellent with fish stew.

Whenever you are boiling fish soup, throw in a few cloves and you will sense their unbelievable taste once the warm, flavorful soup ends up in your bowl and your guests will wonder at what is giving its delightful flavor.

No matter how inappropriate it may seem, try to add a little curry to the fish stew or dish. Rosemary is an ideal match for the taste of boiled fish, while lemon balm will give it a light lemon scent.



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