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Kiwi is a Vitamin Bomb Against Spring Fatigue

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Spring is the season in which we often feel spring fatigue. It is the perfect time to hook up our body with some vitamin C.

We recommend putting your faith in kiwi. The green fruit is a real vitamin C bomb - from 0.15 to 0.30%. This is roughly 10 times more than the content of the vitamin in lemons and currants.

Besides that, kiwi contains phosphorus, iron, sulfur, sodium and potassium. It acts as a powerful antioxidant, natural diuretic and blood pressure regulator. The enzyme actinidin, contained in the fruit, guarantees a tonic effect on the body.

It is best to consume kiwi raw, since it loses its qualities during heat treatment.

Kiwi juice

Kiwi is not called the "fruit of health" for no reason. Besides during spring tiredness, consume kiwis if you have gone through serious infectious diseases, physical or mental pressure, or if you have indigestion.

The juice of kiwi is also an exceptional prophylactic. It increases the body's defenses and is good to drink during colds and infections.

With all of these qualities, as well as its low calories (only 49 cal per 3.5 oz (100 g)), the kiwi wins the award for the perfect fruit for ladies, who have decided to boost their immune system and lose weight at the same time.

It is very important to remember to eat your kiwi right after you have peeled its fuzzy skin. If it stays peeled, the vitamin C is quickly lost because of the air.

Also keep in mind that you shouldn't overindulge with kiwis because they can cause allergic reactions. Especially in people, who are sensitive to the birch pollen. The reason for this is that the same allergens are present in the kiwi and in the tree seeds.

The allergic reaction can be characterized as a strong itch in the mouth cavity, swelling of the lips, swelling of the lining of the gullet, difficulty breathing.



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