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Top 3 Sea Bass Recipes

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Sea bass

Let us present you with 3 amazing recipes for sea bass, a bit different from the typical ones, with more spices and ingredients. The first one is super easy to make. Serve it with a garnish of potatoes, potato salad is best.

Sea bass with dill

Ingredients: 2 sea bass, 1 bunch of dill, 1 lemon, salt, black pepper, basil leaves, black olives, olive oil.

Preparation: After you have cleaned and dried the fish, season them with black pepper and salt. In the bellies, add some chopped dill and some pieces of the basil leaves. If desired, add a lemon slice.

In a tray with baking paper, distribute the chopped olives, sprinkle with dill, basil, a little lemon juice. Place the fish on top and pour on olive oil thoroughly. Bake for about 20 to 30 min. in the oven.

Fresh sea bass

Sea bass with onions and carrots

Ingredients: 2 sea bass, 4 carrots, 2 large onion heads, 6 garlic cloves, 1/2 bunch of parsley, salt, ground black pepper, lemon juice, white wine, olive oil.

Preparation: Clean the sea bass, sprinkle on the inside and out with black pepper and salt. Add some chopped parsley and a slice of lemon in the bellies. Wash and peel the carrots, then chop them into large pieces. Cut the onions into coarse slices.

In a tray, place the onions, carrots, garlic cloves, sprinkle with parsley, season with a little salt. Arrange the 2 fish on top, pour in white wine, olive oil and half a squeezed lemon. Bake for about 20 min.

The last recipe idea is for spicy sea bass with a ginger flavor. Whenever putting in the spice, keep in mind that it is very flavorful - if you have not cooked with it before, do not go overboard with the amount. Here's what you need:

Sea bass with fresh onions and ginger

Sea bass tomatoes

Ingredients: 4 sea bass with the skins, 1 bunch fresh onions, 4 garlic cloves, 3 red chili peppers, 1 tbsp soya sauce, olive oil, a piece of fresh ginger.

Preparation: Julienne the peppers and ginger thinly. Cut the garlic into thin slices. Heat olive oil in a saucepan and put the fillets to fry - starting with the side that has the skin.

The saucepan must be very well heated - once the skin turns golden, flip it over to fry on the other side for about a minute.

Take them out and in the same oil, (if necessary add more olive oil) put the garlic slices, ginger, peppers. Let them braise and add the chopped fresh onions a little before removing from the stove.

Cut the white part of the onions into juliennes, the stalks into pieces, so they are not so long. Pour in a tablespoon of soya sauce and remove from the stove. In a plate, put some of the spicy garnish and a sea bass fillet.



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