Chocolate Truffles - Attainable Perfection

Chocolate truffles

It's no secret that chocolate truffles are some of the most fine and sophisticated chocolate desserts. It's a matter of professional pride for every pastry chef to be able to prepare chocolate truffles with an original, unique taste, shared by no other pastry. Many of you may think that these gourmet bonbons are reserved for preparation by only the most capable professionals, but hang on a second - chocolate truffle recipes can be used by anyone who has little bit of free time and large amounts of their favorite chocolate.

Chocolate truffles can be easily made at home, with plain chocolate, as well as dark, milk or white chocolate. However, it is a mandatory rule to have the glaze with a cocoa content of no less than 35%. This is because the higher the amount of cocoa, the more runny the chocolate becomes, the result of which the covering of the truffle ends up soft, fine and melts in your mouth.

The inside of the truffle is called a ganache, and its preparation must be done carefully by following a few simple rules. First, it is necessary for the chocolate to be broken into small pieces so that it can melt without any problems.


Another major point for creating the perfect truffles, such as expert pastry chefs serve us, is to take care when mixing the chocolate with the cream so that no air enters the mix.

Finally, in accordance with the advice and experience of the experts, the resulting ganache must be left to sit for a while in a cool area - preferably not in the refrigerator, even though this recommendation does not apply to white chocolate truffles.

It is best for prepared chocolate truffles to be stored between sheets of oiled paper. It does not matter whether you decide to dip the bonbons in chocolate or not, you must keep them in a cool place afterwards. Again, the refrigerator is not recommended, since that way crucial subtleties in flavor are lost.


Here is the recipe for classic chocolate truffles:

Ingredients: 9 oz dark chocolate, 2/3 cup liquid cream, 2 2/3 tbsp butter, 1/3 cup powdered dark cocoa.

Preparation: Melt the crumbled chocolate pieces in a water bath in 2 tablespoons of water while stirring nonstop. Then pour in the liquid cream and continue to stir until you get a homogeneous mixture (without any air bubbles). Remove thus prepared mixture from the stove and let it cool well, then melt it well in a water bath again, add the butter while stirring continuously until you get a homogeneous mixture.

The final step is to pour out the mixture into a bowl, cover it with plastic wrap and leave it in a cold area for about an hour, until the ganache hardens. Then, using a small spoon, shape balls and roll them in the cocoa.


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