Broccoli and Potatoes for a Healthy Stomach
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Broccoli and Potatoes for a Healthy Stomach

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If you constantly feel discomfort, bloating and even light pains, it is most likely that the microbiological environment in your gastrointestinal tract is out of balance. Even if you do not overeat when sitting at the kitchen table, you might be one of those notorious food lovers, who are always picking food off other people's plates; you might have overwhelmed your stomach and turned it into the perfect environment for the development of bacteria.

In order to bring back your good mood and light feeling in the summertime, try to include potatoes and broccoli in your menu whenever possible.


It is no secret that broccoli have numerous beneficial effects on the body. This healthy vegetable is a must for a healthy menu, but only recently have experts specifically figured out what broccoli owes its healing properties to.

This cousin of cauliflower contains large amounts of sulforaphane, a substance with a powerful antimicrobial effect. The results of the new studies show that sulforaphane has the capability to destroy the bacteria Helicobacter pylori - the main cause of almost all gastrointestinal problems.

This pathogenic microorganism is also mainly responsible for the appearance of ulcers and gastritis in the stomach, as well as the appearance of certain malignancies.


Another vegetable, which has the ability to rehabilitate your stomach, are potatoes. Full of carbohydrates, potatoes are similar to bread when it comes to food value. As opposed to the dough product, which cannot absorb the acids in the gastrointestinal tract, potatoes do have that ability.

Proof of this are the inhabitants of the Northern European countries, such as Sweden, Norway and Finland, who eat potatoes instead of bread. The cases of ulcers and colitis are extremely low there.

Nowadays, dietitians and experts recommend we eat baked potatoes with the peels on. The peel of the vegetable contains chlorogenic acid and polyphenol, which stop the mutation of cancer-causing cells.