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Health Benefits of Wild Garlic (Ramsons)

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Wild garlic

Wild garlic or ramsons can be found in shady mountain regions - it is easily recognizable, since it has a characteristic garlic smell.

Wild garlic blooms from the months of May till June. The stalks and bulb of the plant contain essential oils, similar in composition to that of garlic.

Because of its beautiful look, the plant is often labeled as a flower - it has oblong leaves, which look very similar to the leaves of lily of the valley. The blossoms of the herb also remind us of lily of the valley, but are often likened to the summer snowflake.

The herb is often recommended for stomach problems - it helps against diarrhea, lack of appetite, and also used for stomach and intestinal catarrh. Wild garlic is effective against atherosclerosis and hypertension as well, aiding against the symptoms of these ailments, such as dizziness or insomnia.


Drinking concoctions of this herb regularly increases the amplitude of cardiac contractions and therefore, slows down heart rate. Because of its bactericidal action, Wild garlic is a suitable herb for treating colds, flu, bronchitis.

The herb can also be drunk if there is a presence of intestinal worms. Besides ramsons and wild garlic, the herb has a few other names - wood garlic, bear's garlic and others.

In some places the plant is more familiar as bear's garlic, the reason for this being the belief that bears eat it after winter hibernation in order to cleanse their stomach, intestines and blood.

Wild garlic tea

Wild garlic is not only used for treating health problems. It is also well known in the kitchen - often finely chopped and added to salads, soups.

It goes well exceptionally with potato salad. According to chefs, wild garlic can be used in any dish that usually contains parsley.

It is only not recommended for people suffering from ulcers or gastritis.

In folk medicine, juice made from the leaves of the herb are also used for difficultly healing wounds - particularly effective against festering wounds.

Since wild garlic juice is exceptionally rich in vitamins, it is often recommended as a fortifying substance. The extract from the herb also has a great effect against lead poisoning.



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