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Common Mistakes in Stew Preparation

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Potato stew

The most delicious stews are made when the roux of fried onions and flour is prepared in the correct way. Only add the flour once the onions become transparent, as a result of frying.

Once the flour is added, continue frying until the onions turn golden, as well as the flour. Then add paprika. Next, stir a few times and dilute with a little warm water.

Stews prepared with this roux turn out scrumptious and flavorful. If you add the flour when the onions are already golden, the onions will burn by the time the flour turns golden. Then the stew becomes dark, with a bitter taste and unpleasant smell.


And if you add water before the flour has turned golden, but the onions already have, the stew will smell like uncooked dough and won't have any color or form. If you pour cold water over the roux, you will get a delicious sauce but the meat won't absorb it.

If you pour boiling water over it, the meat will be tasty and the sauce - tasteless. But if the water is just warm, both the sauce and the meat will be equally delicious. Do not cook stews on high heat. It does not speed up but rather slows down the preparation of the food.

On high heat, the water quickly evaporates and you have to constantly pour in more water. When cooking on low heat, the ingredients cook until they acquire the necessary taste and a pleasant look.

Stews with potatoes

Stews boiled on high heat have neither taste, nor form. If you have already made this mistake, at least reduce the heat near the end of cooking.

If you don't have a lot of time but want your stew to look appetizing, pour in 1 coffee cup of cold water in it and let it come to a boil 5 times on low heat, removing it from the stove 5 times.

If you put the ready stew to roast for 3 to 4 min. in the oven, it will end up very tasty and appetizing.

And to be even more delicious, the meat must be cut into pieces that aren't too large, making sure to remove the bones, without leaving in any small ones.



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