Olives - a Gift from the Gods


Olives have been present at man's kitchen table since time immemorial. The ancient Greeks believed that the olive tree was holy and sent to man by the goddess Athena.

The Greeks regarded the little fruits as fruits of wisdom and fertility.

In ancient Egypt, they also believed that olives came from the gods. The Egyptians associated the tree with the goddess Isis and it was seen as a symbol of justice.

In Christianity, it is believed that a pigeon with an olive branch in its beak signifies peace between God and men.

The worship of the olive tree most likely comes from the fact that it is long-lived and that it can even be immortal, just like the gods.

Green and black olives are offered in stores. They are not different and do not grow on different types of trees. They are simply ripe and unripe. Otherwise, the varieties of olives are numerous - ranging from those the size of a cherry or sour cherry, to the size of a plum.

a bunch of olives

Olives cannot be eaten fresh, right from the tree. They are too hard and bitter. They are only fit for consumption after the necessary treatment.

Olives are rich in vitamins А, В, D, E. Because of them, olives are good for the brain and nervous system, maintaining good eyesight, strong bones and teeth, are great against cardiovascular diseases, premature aging and malignant tumors.

Olives stimulate appetite and that's why they are served as appetizers. It has been found that eating 10 olives a day protects against gastritis and stomach ulcers.

According to scientists, oleic acid, one of the main components of olive oil, protects against breast cancer. And that is why women from the Mediterranean fall victim to the horrible disease less often, since the acid is found in most local dishes.

Olive oil is no less effective in relieving headaches than metamizole. Olives help neutralize toxic substances. When added to most alcoholic cocktails, they not only flavor the drink but also protect against a hangover the next day.

There is also a belief that olives and olive oil increase male strength. So far this claim has not been proven. But it is a fact that people living in the Mediterranean are famous for their hot temper.

According to Australian scientists, there is a correlation between the consumption of olive oil and the appearance of wrinkles. The oleic acid found in olives and extra-virgin olive oil penetrates through the membranes of skin cells and fills them out.


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