Dates Make us Smarter


Dates, according to an ancient Arabic belief, are such an amazing energy source that 6 of these delicious fruits would be enough to for you to cross the entire desert, defeat all your enemies and spend exciting moments with your lovely wife.

Even though exaggerated, this claim is true at its core, since Dates do satisfy hunger easily. Besides that, they have the unique ability to increase the body's endurance.

It is not without reason that Arab warriors, before going on a long march, would take 2 sacks of dried dates with them. They would attach them to the saddle - one sack on each side of the horse. Dates were useful whenever they were not able to find food.

They contain vitamin complexes, which strengthen the immune system and increase endurance. And most importantly, dates contain active antioxidants. They not only decrease levels of bad cholesterol, but also change it.

Dates decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases. That is why there are many long-lived people in eastern countries, having reached such old age because they ate so many of these delicious fruits.

Nutritionists recommend snacking on dates whenever you feel like eating something sweet. They are much healthier than a piece of cake or baklava, and they won't even turn into fat that sticks to your behind.

Benefits of dates

Dried dates improve brain function by more than 20%, claim nutritionists. These fruits have been valued since way back in ancient times - they are seen in Egyptian art, while in Babylon they made wine and vinegar from them.

These fruits contain high amounts of iron, magnesium and phosphorus, as well as mineral salts, vitamins from groups A and B and 23 essential amino acids. It is these amino acids that are absent in most fruits.

According to nutritionists, 10 dates per day are enough to provide the necessary amount of magnesium, copper and sulfur, half of the required daily value of iron and a quarter of the daily value of calcium.

It is believed that a single date and a cup of warm milk daily can provide the substances needed to survive. It is recommended to do this once a week to cleanse the body.


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