Iced Tea: Minimum Benefit, Maximum Sugar

iced tea

Most so-called refreshing teas in bottles contain a minimal percentage of the healthy substances written on the label. And way too much sugar.

The international non-government organization Foodwatch, which fights for consumer rights, has carried out studies on the products of a number of manufacturers.

The experts concluded that the cold drinks barely contained any trace of tea, and their taste was owed to commonly used artificial flavors.

And we all know that real tea is famous for its antioxidant effects. On top of it all, manufacturers add sugar generously to iced teas.


The drinks of famous iced tea makers, such as Nestle, Lіpton, Volvіc, Gerolsteіner, were studied.

So, for example, in drinks supposedly presented as green tea with lemon and gooseberries, traces of gooseberries were not found at all. Only the artificial flavors gave them their taste.

Besides that, the consumer rights protectors discovered that a 67 fl oz (2 L) bottle contains an astounding 47 sugar cubes.

Foodwatch advises people not to be fooled by misleading commercials, which promise the "healing power of nature", "a refreshing effect" and "good self-confidence".

Experts recommend: the best way to enjoy genuine tea is to make it yourself at home and to add natural dried fruits or herbs to taste.

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