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Eat Protein for Stronger Bones


The richer in protein food you include in your menu, the less likely your risk of suffering from bone fractures.

This was the conclusion scientists from Boston reached after examining 946 retirees.

And so, what are the guidelines to guarantee the prevention of fractures? They are very simple. The only thing you need to do is consume meat, eggs, fish, feta cheese, cottage cheese, yoghurt and dairy products. Vegetables, cereals, nuts, seeds are also sources of protein.

All of these products help build strong leg muscles, which decreases your chances of spraining during a fall. The new studies show that proteins are closely tied to bone density and strength.

Bacon and eggs

Experts recommend a minimum protein intake of 2 oz (46-56 g) daily.

Proteins are organic molecules that build the cells of living matter - bones, muscles, brain and internal organs. The word "protein" comes from the Greek "protos". It means "first" or of "primary importance".

Proteins consist of simple molecules - amino acids. They, in turn, are simple chemical compounds of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur. Proteins contain 500 or more amino acids.

The body needs proteins for cell structure. A lack of protein causes tiredness, fatigue, weakens the immune system and the strength of your bones.



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