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Why It's Good to Drink Water with Lemon Everyday

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For strengthening the immune system, experts recommend drinking 1 cup of water with half a squeezed lemon in it per day. This way you will supply yourself with the necessary amount of vitamin C, state experts.

The sour fruit helps the body by improving its ability to absorb iron, which is key for the immune system. Lemons are also often recommended in the battle against skin aging, which women pay close attention to, especially after a certain age.

The fruit contains a high amount of pectin, which in turn helps prevent feeling hunger for extended periods. Pectin helps stabilize blood sugar levels. Lemons balance acidity in the body, while their antiseptic properties destroy harmful bacteria in the mouth.

Lemons also contain calcium, which is extremely good for the bones, as well as magnesium - a crucial element for healthy heart.

The juice from lemons disinfects. The fruit has high amounts of potassium, which helps brain function and regulates blood pressure.


Half a lemon squeezed out in 4/5 cup (200 mL) of water will also help cleanse your liver - the lemon juice will help the body save itself from accumulated toxins, while the water will take the residue out of the body. Furthermore, the drink decreases stress levels and aids against depressed moods.

Last but not least - this refreshing drink will give you the necessary boost to start your day. It would be best if you drank your water with lemon in the morning before breakfast, even before you drink your coffee. If it's the first thing you consume when you wake up, it will have a greater effect.

Wait a bit before you have breakfast. The cup must only contain water and lemon juice - no sugar or honey. After you drink it, you can rinse your mouth with just water. Many experts recommend for the water to be warm.

The citric acid will increase the secretion of stomach acid and will also speed up metabolism.



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