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Tips for Roasting Vegetables

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Vegetables need to be well prepared before roasting - to clean them thoroughly and cut them to the appropriate size. Here are a few tips for roasting vegetables:

A well-balanced diet must contain the adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables, as well as other foods. Fruits and vegetables not only contain essential nutrients, but also have antioxidants, which play the role of defending the body against certain diseases.

If you intend to lose weight, include fruits and vegetables in your menu, for they contain little calories and fat. In addition, vegetables are a rich source of fiber, which helps keep the digestive system healthy and regulates bowel movements.

Methods for cooking vegetables

There are many methods for cooking vegetables. They can be boiled in water (including other ingredients to taste), fried or roasted. In the first 2 methods, the soluble vitamins are lost - for example, in boiling. Plus, boiling vegetables is a slow process and takes time. Whenever frying vegetables, we increase the intake of calories. The best method for retaining the nutrients in vegetables is to roast them the right way.

Roasted Vegetables

Tips for grilling vegetables

Roasting vegetables on the grill is a quick and easy way to cook. There is the possibility for the vegetables to cook unevenly or to burn, as well as to fall off the grill. All of these problems can be avoided if you follow the useful advice written here.

First, choose the appropriate vegetables for roasting on the grill. You can choose types which contain less water, such as mushrooms, corn on the cob, potatoes, carrots, zucchini, onions, asparagus. Wash and clean the vegetables well and leave them to sit for 10 - 15 min. to dry (if possible).

Cooking Vegetables

Cut up and arrange the vegetables in such a way that as much of their surface area as possible touches the grill. You can cut the larger ones in 2 or in slices. This will allow for a quicker and more even cooking. For carrots and other hard vegetables, parboil them for a few minutes before roasting or cut them into thin slices. To prevent the smaller vegetables or slices from falling between the grill elements you can put them on metal skewers.

Include many types of vegetables in one roasting session so that you can serve a dish of mixed vegetables. Then heat the grill to a medium temperature. To prevent the grill from heating too much - you can check the temperature reached by holding your hand 3″ (8 cm) above it. If you can hold your hand there for 4-5 seconds, it means the grill is moderately heated.

You can also use foil - wrap the vegetables in it and put them on the grill. Or you can use grease or a marinade, to prevent the vegetables from sticking to the grill. You can coat them lightly with olive oil (or oil, it's up to you) or the marinade and place them on the grill.

First put on the vegetables which take longer to cook - such as potatoes and carrots. Once you have placed them on the grill, turn them from time to time (or when needed) and coat them with grease or marinade.

You can check whether they are done with a fork or knife. The vegetables are ready when they can be easily pierced. Season to taste with salt and black pepper and serve hot.

You can serve roasted vegetables as a main dish or as a garnish or appetizer.



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