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Healthy Foods for Each Blood Type

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It has been discovered that chemical reactions take place between our blood type and the food we consume. The main reason for this lies in lectins, which are proteins of plant origin, found in food. It is they that are sometimes incompatible with the food we eat.

About 95% of lectins are thrown out by the immune system but the other 5% manage to remain in the body and disrupt the normal functioning of certain organs. The result - a slowed metabolism, packing on excess pounds and even diseases.

Blood type O

People of this blood type have an increased stomach acidity, which is a prerequisite for easy digestion of meat. Foods such as legumes, bread and wheat products, cabbage, brussels sprouts, cauliflower are not at all recommended. They are unsuitable for you because they suppress the release of hormones by the thyroid, which slows metabolism and leads to weight gain. Legumes contain lectin, which accumulates in muscle fibers and makes them feeble and incapable of dealing with physical stresses. That is why people of the O blood type have a need of intensive physical exercises.


Blood type A

If you belong to this blood group, vegetarianism is the most appropriate for you. If you do not eat meat and more toxic foods, you will easily begin to lose weight and even increase the strength of your immune system. Eating meat burdens your body needlessly, making you feel tired and worn down. You can eat as many nuts and seeds as you like because they are rich in plant proteins. Legumes are counterproductive here as well. They lead to a decrease in insulin production, which can lead to weight gain and even diabetes. Eat plenty of vegetables but also less dairy products, because they slow down your digestion.

Blood type B

Lectins are your main enemy, and they are abundantly found in corn, lentils, sesame seeds, peanuts and so on. If you eat these foods excessively, you will feel tired, worn out and will slow your metabolism. The gluten found in wheat germ and whole-grain products is also not recommended, nor is chicken meat, for its high content of lectins.


Focus instead on oceanic fish, dairy products, fruits, vegetables. Throw out any sorts of nuts from your diet, as well as rye products, since they can cause blood problems and weight issues. Tomatoes irritate your stomach.

Blood type AB

You can acquire health beneficial proteins from tofu because chicken meat, for example, is a burden on your body. The lectins in it also irritate your stomach lining. Dairy products are a true ally of your body but take care when eating nuts and do not overindulge. If your blood is from the AB group, remove macaroni and pasta from your eating habits but focus on rice, in great quantities at that. Representatives of this blood type have a weaker immune system, which can be fueled by lots and lots of fruits and the vegetables.



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