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Culinary Intricacies for Grilling

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Products prepared on the grill always end up more delicious than when fried or roasted. But in order to attain the perfect taste, there are a few tricks which most cooks know which will make your grilled meat and vegetables even more delicious.

1. The most import thing when grilling is for the grill to be greased so that the ingredients don't stick. The best way to go is to rub it with a piece of lard, but if you don't have any, smear it with olive oil or oil.

2. When grilling meat, never buy meat that is too dry - the grill dries it further. Buy a grilling tray, in order to smear grease on it, so that the steak ends up juicier.

3. If you want the meat to cook faster and become even tastier, put it in marinade - a little wine, a little soya sauce or lemon juice.

4. If you've firmly decided that you want to grill white meat, put grease and spices before you grill it, so it doesn't end up too dry.

Grilled veggies

5. Another piece of advice for dry meats - wrap the meat in tin foil or baking paper, add all of the spices inside and a piece of butter (mandatory). If you've decided to use baking paper, wet it before you place it on the hot grill, otherwise it will burn.

6. Kebab, meatballs, schnitzels - place them on the grill and do not press them, leave them as is. This way they will remain more succulent.

7. If you want to grill fish - the grill needs to be heated very well and the fish needs to have grease on it, so it doesn't stick. Grill briefly.

8. Before grilling vegetables, season them ahead of time as well. There are different types of marinade you can use. Here is our recipe for marinated grilled vegetables.

9. No matter what you grill, put it in a pot with a lid once it's ready - to remain succulent and warm.



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