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Italian Sauces for Spaghetti

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The sauce that you serve with spaghetti must not be too thick. One of the classic Italian sauces for spaghetti is cream sauce.

It is easy to prepare and is added right in the pot in which you boiled the spaghetti. They are also very delicious with pesto sauce. Sauces with different vegetables also provide a special flavor for spaghetti.

But the most popular spaghetti sauce remains the one with mince, which can either be red or white. To make it you will need 10.5 oz of mince, 2 onion heads, 3 garlic cloves, 3 tablespoons of olive oil or oil, 2/5 cup ketchup or 2/5 cup cream. Depending on whether you want a red or white sauce, use either ketchup or cream.


Dice the onions and braise them in a little bit of oil until golden. Add the chopped garlic and also braise until golden.

To the braised onions and garlic, add the mince and fry while mashing with a fork. Fry the mince for 15 min, all while stirring and mashing with a fork. Add the ketchup or cream and saute the sauce another 5 min, this time capping the saucepan with a lid.

Bolognese sauce is also extremely popular. It's best to make it with a mincemeat mix of pork and beef. To prepare it you will need 2 garlic cloves, 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 2/3 tbsp butter, 1 onion head, 1 carrot, 3.5 oz dry salami, 17.5 oz mixed mince, 1 1/5 cups milk, 1 1/5 cups white wine, 2 tablespoons tomato paste, 14 oz canned tomatoes, oregano, salt, black pepper.

Cut up the garlic, dice the carrot and onions and braise everything for 3 min. in a mixture of olive oil and butter. Add the mince and fry for another 5 min. until browned. Pour in the milk and boil the sauce for 10 min.


Add all of the tomatoes and tomato paste, black pepper and salt and mash the tomatoes with a fork. Pour in the wine, boil the sauce for 10 min, cover with a lid and let it simmer on low heat for an hour and a half, stirring occasionally. In the last 10 min, add the pieces of salami and the oregano.

Cream sauce for spaghetti is made from 1 cup cream, 3 1/3 tbsp butter, 5.5 oz bacon, 5.5 oz cheese, 1 garlic clove, salt and black pepper. This type of sauce has a smooth texture and is absolutely scrumptious. Cut up the bacon very finely and fry it in the butter.

Pour in the cream and boil the sauce for 7 min. Add in the grated cheese and the cut garlic, salt and black pepper. Once the cheese melts, the sauce is ready. Pour it into the pot with the spaghetti.



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