Diets Make us Twice as Sad


It might be time to put an end to the constant hunger and the obsession with a thin and perfect shape. After a diet, people end up being twice as sad as they were before they began the diet, show the results of a new study.

According to the study, when they begin a diet, most people are convinced that they will feel much better and will change. The majority of people believe that their life will head forward in a positive direction.

However, the study conducted by the University College London, completely refuted these thoughts. According to the experts, the constant diets that people subject themselves to, as well as the obsession that their weight is responsible for their so far imperfect life, can only end up depressing them.

The reason lies in that after a diet, it becomes evident that the only thing that's changed is the person's body shape.

Scientists warn that it's completely possible for people who have gotten rid of their excess pounds to feel twice as apathetic, lonely and sad than before.


The experts explain further that the greater part of diets need to be followed for an extended period of time, which makes the people on them feel even worse.

The research of the University College London was carried out with the participation of 2000 people who were overweight. All of the participants were over 50 years of age.

According to another study, and unsuitable diet can lead us to lose our sense of smell. Experts constantly warn that there are no universal diets that are appropriate for everyone.

There are many food diets that are hazardous to our health and can seriously damage one of our senses. Neurologist from Florida claim that diets rich in excess fat are harmful to health and our sense of smell.

The experts state that these types of diets change our sensitivity to different flavors on a functional and structural level. They also add that a diet containing high amounts of sugar can also decrease our sense of smell.


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