Foods and Juices, Suitable for Hot Days


Cooking during the hot summer days is not a favored activity, especially if there isn't proper ventilation.

Further, the additional heating of the home as a result of cooking is also not preferable. Still, you can prepare delicious dishes, that require little or no heat treatment. This way, you will reduce the time spent in the kitchen to a minimum and you will satisfy your hunger on those hot summer days.

Pasta and potato salads

Pasta and potatoes can be boiled at night or early in the morning. The other option is to use frozen potatoes, that you've set out to thaw the night before, for the salad. Cooked or semi-cooked meat or fish can be used as additions to the pasta and potatoes, so that you won't have to heat them during the day.

Cold soups


One of the most appropriate foods for summer days is gazpacho (the Spanish cold tomato soup). You can always use your imagination and prepare cold soups from different kinds of vegetable purees of peas, beetroots, pumpkins or potatoes.

For a more refined and softer taste, you can add cooking cream, chopped herbs and garnish with seafood, such as crabs, shrimp or lobster. The only kitchen appliance you will need for making cold soups is a blender.


Instead of making separate sandwiches for every member of the family, buy 3-4 baguettes, to which you can add seafood, roasted vegetables, avocado, cheese, bits of roasted chicken or whatever else comes to mind.


Cut the baguettes in half lengthwise smear each one with a different filling, then cut into 1" bites. Place them in a large platter and serve with potato chips.

Don't forget to increase your intake of water during the hot days. Especially in summer, the human body loses significant amounts of liquids through the skin by sweating.

It is recommended to drink a minimum of 6 1/5 cups (1.5 L) - 10 2/5 cups (2.5) of water daily. The experts recommend lightly salted tomato juice as one of the healthiest drinks during the hot summer season.

Warm drinks of about 104°F (40 °C) are also suitable, since they equalize the temperature of the body with that of the environment. This reduces sweating and dehydration.


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