Robot Chefs Run an Entire Restaurant in China

Chinese dish

In a restaurant in China, they are using robots instead of people. The Chinese restaurant is found in the city of Kunshan, Jiangsu province, and offers dishes that are emblematic for the region.

The owner of the establishment has solved the problems of vacation times and paychecks, having replaced the majority of his personnel with robots.

The robots play the role of chefs and waiters - the machines not only prepare the food but also serve it to the customers. There are 2 robots in the kitchen that divide up the work - one of them does the frying, while the other's task is to prepare ravioli and different kinds of bites with filling.

There are also a few other people in the restaurant that supply the kitchen with the necessary products and prepare the more specialized dishes that are offered.

Some of the electromechanical creations greet the customers and then lead them to their table. Meanwhile, the other robots get busy with the meals in the kitchen. The robots that serve the dishes move on wheels.


According to the owner of the Chinese restaurant, Song Yugang, the machines are just as fast and skillful as the professional chefs. Not only that, the robots understand human speech - Yugang claims that they avoid extensive discussions but when it comes to the subject of food, they do an amazing job.

The restauranteur further points out that almost no mistakes are made when the clients are served. Yugang is extremely happy that he has such workers, especially because the Android robots never want a vacation, receive no pay and never get sick.

Yugang shares that each robot cost him a little less than $6600, roughly the yearly wage of a restaurant employee. The restaurant customers are fascinated with the owner's idea and he reports that starting last year (when he replaced people with robots), the amount of business has not at all declined.

All the robots need is 2 hours of rest per day, in order to charge, after which they begin work and continue on for 5 hours nonstop.

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