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Experts: Limit Beer Consumption During Summer

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It is not advised to overdo the consumption of certain foods and drinks during the heat waves. Take a look at a list of some of them.

During the summer, try to avoid cooling off with beer, since it is not always the best decision. Increased alcohol consumption does not mean that we are taking in enough liquids.

It is best to drink more water during the summer months and to let soft drinks take a backseat. Try to substitute them with freshly squeezed juices, tarator or ayran. Don't ever forget to drink about 8 1/3 cups (2 L) of water a day.

A heavy laden food plate during summer vacation is among the priorities for many people but this is a huge mistake. Experts have long been advising to eat more light foods during the summer. If we want to feel good and most importantly not bloated and lethargic all the time, it's best to reach for fruits, vegetables and dairy products.

Beer and food

Fatty, fried foods, and meat are not a suitable choice.

Another factor responsible for our comfort during the summer are clothes appropriate for the season. Always carefully choose your outfit and try to wear light and loose clothing. Cotton clothes are the most suitable for summer. Light colors reflect the sun, while dark colors attract it.

Older people, pregnant women and children are most vulnerable to the heat waves. We're advised to keep up constant contact with our elder relatives.

There are usually cases of older people being hospitalized due to the intense heat, for not drinking enough liquids. Sometimes they even end up in intensive care because of problems with kidney function and blood pressure.