Chicken Drumsticks are Responsible for the Aggression in Children

Chicken Drumsticks are Responsible for the Aggression in Children

Chicken Meat

The consumption of chicken meat on the bone may be making kids more aggressive in comparison to eating boneless meat, shows a new study published in the British newspaper Mirror.

The study was held with the participation of 12 children, between 6 and 10 years of age. Dietitians were trying to determine what effects food had on behavior. The results confirmed the experts' theory regarding aggression.

The scientists propose for large pieces of food, such as chicken legs for example, to be replaced with smaller pieces of food and instead of a drumstick or wing, to serve our children chicken fillets.

According to the experts, parents need to be careful about what they're serving their children. The dietitians explain the results with the fact that the levels of activity, disobedience and aggression are increased when biting off food.

The scientists even recommend for parents not to serve chicken wings or drumsticks for dinner to their kids.


According to clinical psychologist Brian Russell, this study by dietitians is completely absurd. He explains that people have been consuming chicken legs and wings for centuries and this could not be the reason for children becoming more aggressive.

The roots of aggression are found deep in the psyche of a person. Such behavior is destructive, regardless of whether it is directed out toward others or in toward the subject. The reasons for aggressive behavior are usually complex and whenever looking at such a problem, they need to be looked at as a whole.

Above all, attention must be paid to the genetic code of the kid, to look at what kind of environment it is living in. In addition, upbringing is also significance, before it starts school.

It is no less important to observe the teaching methods at school - teachers take on the children, which have developed their character to some extent, and apply higher parameters and criteria.

One of the other factors being investigated is society as well. In order for a child to be calm, society, family and school must be in sync, to work as a whole. Otherwise, the results would be fleeting.


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