Kids That Don't Eat Breakfast Develop Diabetes


Kids that regularly do not eat breakfast develop type 2 diabetes more often when they grow up, show studies of several London universities.

Scientists from Oxford, Cambridge, Glasgow and St. George in London explain that skipping breakfast every day affects children's health at a later period in their development.

According to the study, skipping breakfast for years on end leads to the development of type 2 diabetes. This is because with time, the body becomes insulin resistant, a key contributor to the development of the illness.

4000 elementary school children took part in the British study, all up to 9 or 10 years of age.

The end results showed that children who skipped a morning meal eventually showed the first symptoms of type 2 diabetes. This was not seen in those kids who ate breakfast every day.

Kids who don't eat breakfast have higher levels of insulin and their bodies are less capable of reacting to the hormone which usually regulates blood sugar levels.

Family breakfast

Eating breakfast every day is necessary for a child to be healthy, active and energetic. However, this does not mean eating whatever it happens to grab. It is not recommended for a child to begin its day with pastries or donuts.

These types of breakfast foods are loaded with calories, salt, sweeteners and unhealthy fats, which are not only not good for you, they can cause serious harm to the body.

A suitable breakfast for a child includes dairy products, such as yoghurt, milk, butter, feta cheese and cheese. Grain foods should also be a part of breakfast - muesli, bread and cornflakes.

You can prepare a boiled egg, slices of whole grain bread, ham and cheese for your child. Waffles and pancakes, made at home from whole wheat flour and smeared with honey or feta cheese, are always a suitable breakfast.

If you're in a hurry, you can always prepare a bowl of muesli, with milk poured over them.


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