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The Worst Possible Blunders in the Kitchen

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Making delicious food at home requires plenty of patience and most of all, free time. However, most working people are in a rush when they cook, which often leads to them making great blunders.

A study done by foodpanda reveals the most commonly made mistakes during cooking and has arranged them in a list.

Sugar instead of salt

Quite a number of folks confuse sugar with salt when cooking due to the identical appearance and color of the 2 spices. The worst thing about this mistake is that it only becomes apparent once you actually taste the dish, i.e. it's already cooked. Participants in the survey admit that they often put salt instead of sugar in their coffee.

Sugar or salt

Most people solve the issue by using different containers to store the spices. For example, a red-colored one for the sugar and a blue one for the salt.

Chili instead of ketchup

Ketchup and chili are also often mistaken one for the other due to the very similar color of the sauces. Homemakers explain that they've added chili instead of Ketchup more than once in their hurry, spicing up a dish unintentionally.

For those who don't like spicy food, the dish won't be at all delicious for them, but what's even worse is if the person who has tasted the chili is allergic to spicy foods.

Different storage containers can also help in this case.

Forgetting the pan with oil on the stove

Frying pan

Those who often prepare food at home may forget a saucepan with oil on a hot stove.

You come home from work, immediately turn on the stove and put oil in it to save time. In the meantime, someone might call you on the phone or a neighbor might come knocking at the door.

And so, your pan with hot oil is often left forgotten. Even though your first reaction might be to pour water over the pan, don't do it, else you will have to completely remodel your entire kitchen afterwards.

Remove the saucepan only after you have covered it with a lid and wait a little bit for the oil to cool before you turn on the water.

The most important thing is, when cooking, not to do a bunch of things simultaneously, especially if you are a beginner cook. So forget about the telephone or whatever else might be distracting you while you prepare your meal.