Health Benefits of Strawberry Juice
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Health Benefits of Strawberry Juice

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Strawberries can easily be called one of the most appetizing and delicious fruits. Our desire to taste them arises even when we see them in a picture.

Strawberry juice retains the healthy properties of strawberries but in general people prefer to eat the scrumptious fruits, not squeeze them into juice. But the juice from strawberries can be stored in bottles for a long period of time.

The more bright red the strawberries are, the more beneficial substances they contain and the tastier and healthier the juice is. Strawberry juice is more healthy than the actual fruits.

Strawberry juice will help you get rid of tapeworms, it destroys disease-carrying bacteria, helps wounds heal more quickly, helps against stomach diseases - colitis and gastritis.

Besides proteins, fats, carbohydrates and organic acids, strawberry juice contains the vitamins А, С, Е and Н, vitamins from group B, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc, selenium.


Strawberry juice has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, it improves appetite and cleanses the entire body, since it has a slight diuretic action.

Drinking strawberry juice keeps one young, since strawberries have an antioxidant effect. The flavonoids in these red fruits protect the heart and brain from diseases.

Strawberry juice is a must for smokers - the organic acids found in the little fruits neutralize the action of the toxins which end up in the body because of cigarette smoke.

The sweet taste of strawberry juice does not get in the way of stabilizing blood sugar levels, plus it decreases the levels of bad cholesterol and protects the pancreas and spleen from diseases.

Drinking strawberry juice in the morning on an empty stomach helps against gallstones - 1/4 cup each day. For maintaining the vitamin-mineral balance, it is recommended for children to drink 1 cup daily and for adults - 2 cups.

To prepare your own strawberry juice, wash the strawberries well, put them in a gauze bag and squeeze out the juice using a press. If you want to store the juice throughout the winter, filter it, heat it to 190°F (85 °C), without letting it come to a boil, distribute it into bottles and boil them for 20 min. at 190°F (90 °C).

If you have allergies, you need to be careful when consuming strawberry and combine them with milk. Pregnant women, small children and people with kidney problems must not overindulge in strawberries.



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19.03.2020 20:51
consuming strawberry juice is very good. If taken regularly can provide extraordinary benefits for the body. Besides the benefits that have been conveyed in this article, strawberry juice can also overcome diabetes mellitus. Come visit the following link for more information: