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Healthy and Harmful Products for the Skin

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Healthy skin

In order to be beautiful, it's not enough just to subject yourself to beauty treatments; you must also eat products that are good for you skin's beauty.

Dairy products make the top of the list, providing the body with vitamin A. It is absorbed completely because it is contained in pure form in fatty dairy products.

Products that are rich in selenium are also healthy for the skin. These are turkey meat, tuna fish, whole wheat bread. Selenium is indispensable when it comes to maintaining healthy skin.

Vitamin C is also very beneficial for the skin. It aids in the production of collagen fibers and improves the state of blood vessels. It can be found in peppers, citrus fruits, spinach, potatoes and kiwis.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids are a must for skin health. They can be found in walnuts, flax and oily fish from northern seas and rivers.

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While under the influence of these acids, the membranes of skin cells remain solid, they are able to retain moisture and protect blood vessels from harm. Cells that are provided with these acids are protected from inflammation and premature aging.

Say no to smoking

Flax helps remove toxins from the cells and in between them, thus allowing for the skin to rejuvenate.

A nice skin tone is due to products rich in vitamin B. Examples include zucchini, green spices, whole-wheat bread, legumes, livers and yeast.

Strawberries, blueberries, prunes and artichokes provide benefits to skin health. Green tea is a real bundle of beneficial substances. It helps the skin look young and maintain its elasticity.

Eggs, sunflower seeds and olive oil help the skin produce more collagen.

Products that are damaging to the skin are coffee, alcohol and cigarettes, as well as fried and smoked foods, and strong black tea.

If every morning before breakfast you eat 1/2 cup oatmeal that has been soaking overnight in 1/2 cup of water and then you add 1 sliced apple, your skin will be like porcelain.



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