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Culinary Use of Stilton


Stilton cheese is only produced in 3 English counties - Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire. It has a very strong flavor and is made in 2 varieties. Blue Stilton cheese is more well-known, but there is also a white cheese version.

Stilton is easily distinguished by its characteristic beneficial mold. It is made from cow's milk and is sold in 17.5 lb (8 kg) cylinders.

White Stilton cheese is eaten as a dessert, combining well with different nuts and fruits. According to the English, Stilton is the king of all cheeses.

According to old tradition, this characteristically smelly cheese is not cut into pieces but carved toward the outside with a silver spoon, starting from the center.

For centuries, the tradition of making a hole in the shape of a narrow funnel and then filling it with red wine in the middle of a cylinder of Stilton has been kept alive. After 1 week has passed, the delicacy is ready to eat with a spoon and is considered a refined and delicious specialty.

If crumbled and added to cream soups, Stilton cheese transforms them into exquisite culinary masterpieces. Adding it to soups gives them a thicker and more velvety consistency. Stilton provides a spicier taste to cream of broccoli soup and converts plain old cream of potato soup into a gourmet specialty.

Blue Stilton cheese

If you grate the rind of the cheese and add it to a dough you will get a remarkably delicious and flavorful result.

Stilton cheese is placed on bread slices and if toasted in the oven until it melts, the result is a tasty and nutritious snack. It is also added to different types of salads.

Stilton is also scrumptious when served with walnuts since it has a light walnut taste. It also goes perfectly with ham and melon.

Stilton cheese is also used in the preparation of meat stuffing, which is baked and the result is a delicious dish with an unbelievable flavor.

Stilton perfectly complements different types of vegetables. In combination with a lettuce salad, it unleashes its taste and flavor. It combines well with broccoli, green beans and other vegetables that require boiling or blanching.



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