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Listen to Your Taste Buds to be Healthy

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Sometimes we feel like indulging in something that we know for certain is unhealthy for the body. Must we suppress these feelings in order to protect ourselves from potential health problems?

The answer is no. By desiring to taste this and that, our body self regulates, which is a sign of good mood and health.

Fatty foods - if you are gravitating toward raw smoked sausages, this means that you are lacking cholesterol and fats for active brain function and for maintaining healthy hormone levels.

Smoked meat contains a whole lot of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol. Smoked products also stimulate sexual desire. Nutritionists recommend buying smoked products twice a week, but no more, because in general, smoked meat contains cancerogenic properties.

Another wonderful source of saturated fatty acids is cow's butter (2 tbsp (30 g) daily). A desire for smoked meat in people who are on a diet means that it's time to increase the amount of fat, at the expense of fruits, nuts and vegetable oil.

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Salty foods - being drawn to salty foods is seen during increased metabolism, increased thyroid activity, during intense physical workouts or pregnancy.

This is a sign that the body seeks to gather strength and accumulate more energy. So - eat something salty today without worrying about it but don't forget to increase the amount of water you drink tomorrow since salt retains liquids in the body and increases blood pressure.

Sour foods - you find yourself in a pre-depressive state or are simply working a lot and require a great amount of energy, if you feel like eating something sour. It's also possible for the acidity in your stomach acid to be lower. Sour fruits and vegetables contain huge amounts of vitamin C. Begin your breakfast with an orange and be sure to include red peppers and lemons in your daily meals.

Spicy foods - you are on the verge of catching a cold if you feel like eating garlic, chili peppers, onions, mustard. Your body is unable to handle the microbes and viruses and your immune system has need of phytoncides - natural disinfecting substances. Chew on a clove of garlic and it will eliminate the microbes at least in your oral cavity. Add more onions, garlic and spicy seasonings to every meal.



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