Overcome Obesity with 1 Green Apple a Day


Green apples can help us in the battle of the bulge, writes the Daily Mail. Green apples provide a feeling of satiety and are a wonderful choice for people who have the problem of a constant feeling of hunger.

According to the study, the substances, indigestible by stomach acid, begin their fermentation once they reach the large intestines. This in turn helps develop good bacteria in the intestines.

The study was done by scientists from the University of Washington. The experts carried out the study with several varieties of apples. The goal was to determine which variety of apples helped intestinal bacteria multiply the most.

Green apples showed the best result - the sour fruits contain many fibers, as well as polyphenols.

Rodents were used in the study, with the scientists examining the stool of the mice. Some of the rodents were overweight, while others were not, according to the information.

Green apple

The stool of both groups of mice were highly similar.

The balance of bacteria found in the large intestine of humans is often disturbed, thereby putting the metabolism out of balance as well. Scientists believe that this actually causes a constant feeling of hunger in people.

This study and its results may prove exceptionally important not only for the battle with excess pounds, but also other eating disorders, scientists are adamant.

In reality, the polyphenols found in green apples are a great prophylactic against various types of allergies. Based on other studies, these fruits are exceptionally good for pregnant women, since consuming them significantly decreases the risk of allergies or asthma developing in the child.

Besides their beneficial properties, green apples are juicy and extraordinarily delicious fruits, which we can often find in all kinds of diets.


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