They've Created a Spreadable Beer


Thanks to a couple Italians, beer lovers everywhere will be able to enjoy it not just by drinking it but also by smearing it on toast. The inventors have stated that their new ale contains not only all of the required ingredients for a beer but also gelatin - with it being about 40% of the entire substance.

Actually the idea of beer being transformed from a liquid to a solid state is nothing new. Many enthusiasts have attempted to bring about such a change but this is the first time that it has actually been successful.

One of the creators of the solid beer believes that he and his friend have managed to finally find the right formula and the idea will be loved by consumers. The Italian man shared this information in front of Italia! magazine.

A study also claims that men who prefer beer are more fertile than other men. One mug a day doubles the probability for a man to become a father, as is written in the new study quoted by the Daily Mail. The results further show that beer is far from being enough - to create a new generation, men need to decrease the amount of caffeine drinks they consume.

A good cold beer always brings up the association - a blazing sun, beach and of course, a comfortable sun lounge. Thanks to a Finnish designer, a new generation sun lounge can help you "find" sunrays much easier than before. One of the most crucial extras of the Remmus is a button that you can use to call a waiter. And he on the other hand, will appear with a cold beer on a serving platter.

The sun lounge also contains built-in speakers that are water-resistant and a Bluetooth connection. The new type of sun lounge also has built-in water sprayers in case you wish to cool off.

According to some critics, the sun lounge has only 1 drawback - it is unable to rub sun lotion into the skin of its owner. Anyone who wishes to possess this new type of sun lounge for their next summer break will have to pay the modest sum of $45 000.


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