Sodas Alter Our DNA and Age us


It's no newsflash that carbonated drinks are unhealthy. Nutritionists constantly warn people to limit their use, since they contain way too many calories that we are unable to burn later. These types of drinks are especially bad for growing children, who definitely prefer them.

A recent study gives us another reason to stop consuming sodas or at least limit them. According to the study, the daily intake of sodas that contain too much sugar speeds up the process of aging exactly as much as smoking cigarettes does.

Many nutritionists claim that sodas are one of the reasons why obesity is such a serious problem, and it is believed that consumption of carbonated drinks is also a cause of type II diabetes.

The experts have discovered that sodas speed up the rate of cell aging, writes the Daily Mail. The study found that people who drank 2 cans of Coke daily had alterations in their DNA typical of persons 4.6 years older.

Scientists have examined thousands of DNA samples, coming to the conclusion that those who regularly consume soft drinks have much shorter telomeres (the ends of chromosomes) when compared to others. In turn, shorter telomeres mean worsening health and premature death, clarify experts.

Cup of poison

The study was conducted by scientists working at the University of California, San Francisco, with Elissa Epel at its head. The experts stress that the results do not apply for diet drinks. The amount of sugar in them is significantly less.

Diet or not, sodas shouldn't be drunk on a daily basis. They cannot substitute the body's need for water. The experts warn that despite the encouraging results of diet drinks in relation to regular, we shouldn't drink them excessively because in most cases the artificial sweeteners hide an even greater danger.

Past studies have shown that both types of drinks can harm our teeth, increase the risk of cancer and aspartame disease, which is the result of eating and drinking too many products with aspartame.

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