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Peter Deunov's Eating Tips

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Translated by
Peter Deunov

According to the spiritual teacher of the White Brotherhood, Peter Deunov, a person connects with the Earth through the process of eating and even though this action may seem ordinary, it is not.

Eating is part of the life cycle. It is the science of transforming energy from one state into another. Raw energy is transformed into mental energy, and it - into spiritual.

Every single nutrient - fats, proteins and carbohydrates must be adapted to the specific needs of each individual.

Through his advice, Peter Deunov explained the wisdom in the Bible to ordinary people in a way that could be understood by anyone. According to the master, eating is also linked with Old Testament parables and more specifically, those about original sin.

According to the Old Testament, the first humans only ate fruits but after Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden, humans began eating animal meat.

However, the drinking of animal blood is also seen as unnatural today.

Deunov explained that the historical reason for meat eating is indeed found in the Bible.

He claimed that modern humans will once again go back to the point when they first appeared on Earth, and this will naturally lead to the day when we once again eat only fruits.


This will happen only after people have overcome their fleshly addictions, such as lust, and rely only on the spiritual.

Despite this philosophy, the teacher of the White Brotherhood was categorically opposed to vegetarianism, saying that this was an artificial way of reverting the process by which we began to eat meat.

Deunov stated that the moment when we completely stop eating animal-based foods is coming but until then, we need to try everything that nature around us has to offer.

Peter Deunov's main tips on eating were as follows:

1. Do not eat if you're not hungry;

2. Eat after dawn and before dusk - never in the dark;

3. Eat slowly;

"Whenever the stomach functions well, the body is healthy, " advised Peter Deunov.