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Apples Increase Life Expectancy by 17 Years

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The regular consumption of apples can increase our life expectancy by an entire 17 years. If you eat this fruit regularly, you may also visibly rejuvenate.

This unique discovery was made by British scientists from the Institute of Food Research in the city of Norwich. After thorough research, the experts are categorical that the apple can be called the fruit of youth and longevity.

This conclusion was reached after the experts found the substance epicatechin polyphenol in apples. This element improves blood circulation, boosts the level of immune system protection and rejuvenates the heart.

Epicatechin polyphenol can slow the hardening of the arteries by 21%, which is considered one of the main causes of cardiovascular diseases, heart attack and stroke.

Fresh Apples

The scientists add that wild apples contain the highest amount of this substance.

A parallel study, published in the Daily Mail newspaper, proved that the consumption of one green apple a day protects against obesity.

Green apples provide a feeling of satiety and eliminate hunger - these fruits aid in the growth of certain bacteria, which make us feel full.

The study proved that the indigestible ingredients in green apples are unaffected by stomach acid. Once they reach the large intestine, they begin to ferment, this in turn helps bacterial growth in the intestines.

Green Apple

This conclusion was reached by scientists from Washington State University, after extensively studying various varieties of apples. Green apples showed the best results in the complete studies.

Further, the balance of bacteria in the large intestine is key for a person to maintain a healthy weight. An imbalance between good and bad bacteria makes people feel hungry more often.

The results of the American study will be used in the battle against eating disorders, related to obesity and slight inflammation.



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