Recipes with Turmeric Protect Against All Diseases


American Dr. Carolyn Anderson points out that any recipe that has 3 particular ingredients can protect us against many diseases, including cancer. She explains that black pepper, turmeric and olive oil are exceptionally healthy and that more people need to learn of their health benefits. The power of these 3 ingredients has been confirmed by numerous studies carried out by experts around the world.

According to Anderson, to avoid oncological diseases, all you need to do is prepare the following recipe and use it every day. Here's how to make this treatment:

- Mix 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil, 1 pinch of black pepper (best if freshly ground) and 1/4 teaspoon turmeric very well in a bowl. You can add it to salads or season other dishes with it. Do not heat treat the mixture - add them only after the dish is ready.

Dr. Anderson clarifies that to get the maximum benefit from the foods we consume we need to know how to combine them the right way. For example, turmeric is not sufficiently absorbed in the intestines if taken in capsule form or on its own.

Black Pepper

Anderson adds that in combination with black pepper, turmeric is much better absorbed by the body but to achieve the fullest effect, a few drops of olive oil need to be added as well.

Turmeric can be used to restore the immune system, the spice is also exceptionally good for the digestive system.

This yellow spice can also aid against Alzheimer's disease - it is claimed that turmeric removes the plaque that accumulates in the brain. It can also whiten teeth but only in combination with a pinch of salt and a little lemon juice.

Black pepper is known for the beneficial effects it provides metabolism. Scientists assert that the popular spice acts as a natural antioxidant.

Olive oil, on its part, protects against many cardiovascular diseases, lowers blood pressure, helps against constipation, kidney problems and other ailments.


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