How to Peel Pomegranate


Pomegranate is among the most prized fruits, mostly because of its health and taste properties. But if you've ever decided to eat this delicious fruit, you may have had some difficulties with the challenge of getting it out of its shell.

Our first task when picking out a pomegranate is to make sure that it's well ripened. This is because of the fact that unlike other fruits, once picked, a pomegranate does not continue to ripen but slowly dries.

To protect its delicate seeds, its shell is hard and tough. Inside, the fruit is divided into sections, kind of similar to a honeycomb.

The pomegranate chosen needs to be as fresh as possible. It needs to be heavy for its size. That means that it contains lots of juice in its seeds. Fruits with spots or scratches are also acceptable, as long as they don't have cracks going deep in the fruit itself. The shape and color are not of much importance.

How to peel a pomegranate

The methods for removing the shell of a pomegranate are several. The most effective one so far is the "underwater" technique. By using it, spots are avoided and it allows for all of the seeds to be collected.

Pomegranate juice

You will need a large bowl of water, a sharp knife and a colander to peel the pomegranate. First, remove the crown or calyx, throw it away. Makes several shallow incisions vertically along the shell, as if peeling an orange.

Submerge the pomegranate in the bowl. Using your hands, break away the shell through the incisions under the water. The result is a mass of fruits, shell and whitish membrane. With your fingers, remove the seeds from each piece of shell.

They will sink to the bottom, while everything else will float to the top. Remove the shell and membranes from the surface. Drain the water from the seeds.

Another way to peel a pomegranate is to very carefully cut a circle with a knife on the top of the fruit. Remove the cap and carefully make incisions along the shell with the knife.

Carefully open up the fruit over a bowl or plate. The seeds that come off will fall in the container. It is very easy to remove the shell afterwards by hand.

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