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Why are Lentils Healthy?

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Lentil soup

Legumes have long been known for their benefits to human health. They can be used in salads, main courses, salty crackers and other foods. They are rich in nutrients and low in calories. What's better than that?

If you are unsure of the benefits that lentils provide the body, take a look for yourself.

Did you know that lentils are excellent for heart health? The fibers contained in them reduce the risk of the occurrence of a number of cardiovascular diseases. Also, they are rich in magnesium and folic acid, which are important for many organs and bodily systems.

Magnesium improves blood circulation, leading to better oxygen and nutrient distribution in the body.

The folic acid in turn, plays a role in the breakdown of homocysteine (a protein that is taken with food) into certain substances, vitally important for the body. Otherwise, if it accumulates in high amounts, it damages the arteries, brain and DNA. Furthermore, vitamin B9 is very important during pregnancy, protecting the little embryo from damage to the neural tube.

Lentils are also rich in protein. This makes it a very alluring food for vegetarians and vegans. And not just for them but also for diet adherents. As already mentioned, lentils are nutritious but low in calories, making it the perfect food. One cup of boiled lentils contains just 230 calories, that fill you up and provide the body with enough minerals, proteins and fibers.


Another benefit to eating this legume is its ability to regulate blood sugar levels, meaning that it is a healthy food for people suffering from diabetes, hypoglycemia and insulin resistance.

Lentils also aid digestive processes, help against constipation and other problems, such as irritable bowel syndrome.

It has been proven that lentils provide loads of energy to the body. They contain iron, which helps the hemoglobin carry oxygen.