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Parsley Tea and its Healing Powers

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Parsley is commonly used in the culinary arts, but as you may know, tea can also be made from it, which is good for many ailments.

Usually, parsley tea is recommended for irregular menstrual cycle. Besides its ability to maintain a regular period, parsley can also be used to treat kidney problems.

You can count on the healing properties of parsley if you have a bladder infection or kidney stones state experts. It has also been said that parsley tea can be effective against colon cancer and cervical cancer.

Parsley is rich in folic acid - which in turn is of huge importance to every person's cardiovascular system. There are many vitamins in parsley, it can save one from high cholesterol, even lower blood pressure.

Parsley Tea

The only condition for it to have a lasting effect on the body is to drink tea made from the herb often.

Another healthy benefit of parsley tea is that it gets rid of gas and soothes the intestines. With regular use you will notice improved digestion.

Since the plant is exceptionally rich in iron, it is often recommended for people suffering from anemia. Parsley tea will help your body get rid of accumulated toxins.

Yet another benefit of parsley is its ability to get rid of bad breath. You can put your faith in it after you've eaten garlic or onions - a few bunches of fresh parsley or a cup of tea from the plant will neutralize the smell right away.

To make parsley tea at home, you need just one bunch of the plant and 2 1/2 cups (600 mL) of water. Put the water in a pot on the stove to boil, then pour it over the chopped parsley. Let the tea brew for 10 min.

Then you can filter it and drink, once the tea cools completely. It is good to drink this amount in 1 day. You can safely store the tea in the refrigerator.



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