Pizzeria Scans its Customers with a Digital Menu

Pizza Girl

If you've ever looked at a restaurant menu for 10 min. and were still unsure of what to order, the idea of a digital menu might be to your liking.

It takes the new digital menu exactly 2.5 seconds to find out what you want. Pizza Hut customers will be able to enjoy this innovation - the device will scan the retina of the eye and find out what the customer desires.

The digital menu will handle the task that quickly thanks to an algorithm capable of identifying which pizza would be perfect for each customer. The software of the new menu was written by the Swedish eye innovations company eye Tobii Technology.

According to the inventors, the system will track the customer's eye movement, the size of the pizza they are looking at, as well as the ingredients they've looked at the longest. But still, the customer may not always end up satisfied with the digital menu and may want to order something different than what the menu has chosen.

In that case, all they need to do is press a single button that will start the process anew. It took the developers from the Swedish company 6 months to complete the entire digital menu process.


Several psychologists have said that this method of ordering is a fantastic idea and will likely begin to find use in other restaurants. The experts claim that our subconscious plays a vital role in choosing the food products we want to consume.

The staff at the pizzeria where the device will be used is proud of its new acquisition. Management representatives share that they are huge supporters of such new ideas that can change traditional menus and be useful to customers.

Employees hope that this state-of-the-art, fascinating idea will be well-received by their customers and that the digital menu will be able to satisfy their wishes. Thanks to this menu, orders will happen a great deal more easily, states Pizza Hut.


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